• Blue Nyle Therapy Website

    Blue Nyle Therapy Services Website (2015)

    Tony MacFarlane designed and launched this responsive website, based on the Twitter Bootstrap framework.

  • Technologists, Inc. Website

    Technologists, Inc. Website (2013)

    Tony MacFarlane oversaw site redesigns for this Afghan-American design/build contractor since 2008. In 2012 Tony also designed the site's theme, and implemented PHP/MySQL applications and data visualization.

  • James Madison High School Website

    James Madison High School Website (2012)

    Tony MacFarlane collaborated on site design. Tony also project-managed the site's launch, including DreamWeaver templates for a simple content management system. Tony also designed Photoshop templates for graphic development.

  • YCF, S.A. Website

    YCF, S.A. Website (2010)

    Tony MacFarlane designed this Haitian design/build contractor's website. Tony also project-managed the site launch, and build many interactive portfolio elements.

  • Discount Service Center Website

    The Discount Service Center Website (2009)

    Tony MacFarlane originally contracted with a vendor to provide this used-car dealership website. Over time, Tony implemented an iterative design process to give the site a branded look. Tony coordinated vendors and supplemented the site with email marketing and social media engagement.

  • DC Blues Society Website

    DC Blues Society Website (2005)

    Tony MacFarlane designed the DC Blues Society website. Tony also managed the website launch, and curated the site until 2008.

  • Greener Gardens website redesign

    Greener Gardens Website (2003)

    Tony MacFarlane built a website out of Photoshop comps. Tony also project-managed website development, and collaborated in developing a JavaScript slideshow.