• US HHS Infographics

    US HHS Infographics (2015)

    Tony MacFarlane developed infographics for various offices of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

  • Architectural Billing Index

    Architectural Billing Index (2014)

    Tony MacFarlane developed monthly infographics for the American Institute of Architects' economic indicator of nonresidential construction activity.

  • Ti Proposal Graphics

    Ti Proposal Graphics (2008–2013)

    Tony MacFarlane designed many proposal and information graphics for Technologists, Inc.

  • Psychiatric News

    Psychiatric News (2006)

    Tony MacFarlane created article illustrations for the American Psychiatric Association's monthly magazine.

  • AGU Tips and Tools

    AGU Tips & Tools for Authors (2000)

    Tony MacFarlane worked with a select team at the American Geophysical Union to develop electronic image submission requirements for their scholarly journals. Tony also developed graphics for a website providing tips on creating infographics.