Email Marketing for Small Business (Part 1)

The ROI of Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to provide the strongest return on investment (ROI) of any marketing channel. In fact, the ROI of an email campaign is thought to be “95x times better in terms of ROI” than direct mail. As of 2012, email ROI still beats out the next highest digital marketing strategy (online marketing) by more than 50%. Moreover, while email marketing is used by over 90% of businesses, it is the best choice for a small business on a budget.

Which marketing tactics have the ROI in your company?
Here are the best reasons why a small business should employ email marketing:

  • Email marketing can bring you direct revenue
  • You can develop a personalized relationship with your customers
  • Metrics can give you insights into how your customers respond to you
  • Eventually your email campaigns can be automated to do the marketing for you

I have been directing email campaigns for businesses and non-profits for more than five years now. I have developed a set of best practices for small businesses, non-profits or associations to start using this valuable tool. Send me your RFP to get your email marketing started.

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