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Moar Chart Pr0n: Who Is the Bigger Liar—Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

The June 1st Quinnipiac poll revealed a remarkable disconnect: more independent voters thought that presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump was more trustworthy than presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. This isn’t a fluke, because a concurrent ABC/Washington Post poll came to similar conclusions—That people generally believe that Clinton lies more than Trump. However, that is not […]

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Open Letter to Governor Larry Hogan and the People of Maryland

Regarding the Governor’s Requesting “Federal Authorities Cease Any Additional Settlements of Refugees from Syria in Maryland” (November 17, 2015) As a child of immigrants who has seen waves of refugees make Maryland their home, I have always applauded welcoming new people to our state. The obvious benefits of a diverse population, with stories from each […]

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