Tony MacFarlane, d.b.a. Madmac Creations

Tony MacFarlane possesses more than a decade of solid professional experience in print and web design. Tony has acquired a considerable background in best practices for managing marketing and communications through high-profile production environments. Tony MacFarlane’s expertise can add value to your enterprise:

Digital MarketingOpen or Close

Tony MacFarlane believes digital marketing is even more dependent on good graphic design design than any other marketing channel. Even if all you are marketing is verbiage, the only way to digitally communicate it is on-screen. Tony possesses almost a decade of experience developing and implementing digital marketing campaigns.

Tony MacFarlane engages successful email campaigns by:
  • Designing templates according to current best practices for e-mail marketing
  • Vetting vendors and establishing turnkey accounts
  • Optimizing copy, content and layouts to meet objectives
  • Building and optimizing website landing pages
  • Tracking open, click-through and landing rates, and implementing follow-up decisions
Tony MacFarlane designs high-impact websites by:
  • Determining scope of work and pricing specs
  • Creating wireframes and style guides
  • Leveraging LAMP Stack front-end development (Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL)
  • Implemented JavaScript interactivity/jQuery/AJAX
  • Employing Responsive Design
  • Integrating WordPress
  • Reporting Google Analytics

Print ProductionOpen or Close

Tony MacFarlane has worked in editorial and print production since 1999. He has produced books, catalogs, journals, digital periodicals, newspapers, and newsletters. No job is too small—or too big.

Tony MacFarlane completes print projects by:
  • Developing paragraph, character, object and table styles
  • Creating tables of contents and indices
  • Overseeing content assets and workflows
  • Managing pagination, chapters/sections, lists and variables
  • Preflight and quality assurance
  • PDF production
  • Proofing, mail indicia and distribution

Tony works primarily in Adobe Creative Suite (e.g., Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign). He uses a PDF workflow throughout.

Information GraphicsOpen or Close

Tony MacFarlane has been involved in scholarly publishing since 1999. Tony advances infographics paradigms espoused in The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward Tufte.

Tony MacFarlane designs complex visual presentations by:
  • Using the best file format and building the most sustainable files
  • Constantly keeping abreast of best practices for typography and scientific illustration
  • Developing charts and graphics that empasize data over decoration
  • Round-tripping graphs from Microsoft Excel to Adobe Illustrator
  • Exploring digital data visualization solutions

Project ManagementOpen or Close

Tony MacFarlane sees little difference between managing a print or web design projects. No matter how small the project, both require a team to fulfil. Tony possesses the background, experience, insight, and drive to get any design project in the can on time and under budget.

Tony MacFarlane has managed these types of projects:
  • Website launches and redesigns
  • Email campaigns
  • Publication filfillment
  • Proposal development
  • Video production

Tony manages project development through a Vertically Integrated Scopes approach evangelized by Ryan Singer of 37signals.